Treatment for Thumb Pain

Do your thumbs hurt?: Treatment for Thumb Pain.

Many people who complain of thumb pain have been told that they have arthritis of the thumb joint as the cause of their pain. They will undergo painful injections of tissue damaging steroids or surgery.

While it may be true that an x-ray may show changes to the joint consistent with arthritis, it is more than likely and certainly true in my experience that much of the pain is generated by painful soft tissue, primarily small deep muscles in and around the thumb that do not appear on x-ray.  This is especially true of those who text with their thumbs and click the mouse all day long which is many of us. I have, much to the surprise of many patients, treated and resolved their long standing thumb/hand pain in a very few treatments. So before you take a step that is regretful, consider coming in for a consultation and examination to assess whether you may benefit from my approach.