Lower Back Pain

The Do’s and Don’ts of Acute Low Back Pain

  • Ice the area where it hurts, and ice it often. (Read and follow my instructions for the therapeutic application of ice.)
  • Do not sit if you can avoid it. If you must sit on very firm seating, sit for short periods of time, no longer than thirty minutes, maximum.
  • If you’re prescribed a lumbar brace, wear it when you are up and about, and even when sleeping if warranted.
  • NO EXERCISE means no upper or lower body work with weights or aerobic workouts until you’re cleared for it.
  • NO LIFTING. Period.
  • Rest only on the bed or floor. Do not rest on the couch.
  • Eat light. Stay away from gas producing foods to avoid constipation.
  • Do not strain on the toilet. This can greatly aggravate your condition. Hold your breath and push. Always exhale when exerting force of any kind.
  • Avoid sexual activity until the pain is gone.
  • Avoid reaching with your arms outstretched away from your body.
  • Move as one unit, do not turn or bend at an angle.