Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

What Is Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is the key to chiropractic care.  Chiropractic reflects a specialized type of spinal manipulative procedure that chiropractors spend years perfecting that is different than all other types.

The goal of chiropractic spinal manipulation is to correct spinal joint dysfunction that often leaves the bony structures jammed and locked. If left uncorrected, this can lead to pain, restricted movement, and arthritic changes that can become permanent. Chiropractic spinal manipulation achieves this goal more comfortably and more safely than other types of manipulation.

Locking can occur due to trauma, repetitive motions, such as computer use, sports activities, poor postures, lack of physical conditioning, and nutritional deficiencies. Locked joints are corrected, in part, by applying the right amount of position and movement to restore and improve the function as much as possible. Once unlocked, the joints will resume a more normal movement and lessening of pain.

The muscles surrounding these joints must also be addressed and treated; they influence bony joint movement, and can also become locked in spasm or shortened over time.

I uses many treatment techniques, depending on factors such as the location of the problem, patient condition, including underlying health issues, and the severity of the problem. Some patients are not appropriate candidates for every procedure but we have many tools in our tool box to help you.