Caring for Your Pet and Yourself

Caring for Your Pet and Yourself

I’m the proud papa of two very strong dogs who love to take me for a walk. Unfortunately, many pet owners have suffered at the hands of their beloved pets. Taking several precautions will save you from the unintended trauma your pooch may inflict simply by jumping for joy or bolting for a rabbit.

First, always keep the leash arm bent at the elbow and tucked close to your body. When your arm is outstretched, you’re off balance and at risk. If the dog darts away, lock your arm in to your body and hit the brakes. Lean your body back against the pull, a position that’s much stronger than your arm alone.

Second, purchase a harness that will dampen your dog’s desire to pull. It’s more comfortable for him and will make your walk more pleasurable. This type of harness has a collar through which two ropes are threaded under the front arms and around back to the collar, attaching to the leash.

Now, take your dog and for a walk, and enjoy!