Fishkin Weight Loss Center

Fishkin Weight Loss Center – Your Last Diet!

Fishkin Weight Loss CenterAre you experiencing one or more of these health issues?

* High blood pressure
* High blood sugar
* High cholesterol
* Difficulty achieving or maintaining your ideal weight

We can help you!

As a doctor, I care about your health and would not recommend this program if I had not tried it myself and found it to be both safe and effective.

Fishkin Weight Loss Center is a scientifically-designed, doctor supervised low carbohydrate, low fat program that results in rapid fat loss while sparing lean muscle mass. The program utilizes high quality foods and supplements, as well as one-on-one professional counseling, nutritional guidance, and informative workshops.

Come see for yourself. Attend a free informational workshop. Learn how you can reduce or eliminate your dependence on medications, feel energized, and feel good about the way you look and feel through this innovative, rapid and healthy weight loss method. NO prescription drugs, NO exercise program required!


Dr. David Fishkin, D.C., MPH

Ellen Goldstein Fishkin, Program Director
4061 Powder Mill Rd, Suite 101
Calverton MD 20705

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