Fishkin Center News

Dry Needling Course Training in Rockville MD

December  registration is now open for the December 14-15 training in Rockville. This is a limited class that already has seats filled. Please do not wait too long if you intend on coming in December. If you are unable to make it in December we will see you in January.

Free Advice: office ergonomics

Here’s some advice that’ll save you years of pain and a lot of money. Chair Back should come up to middle or top of shoulder blade. Seat depth should not exceed 75% of the length of the thigh. Arm rests should adjust up and down. Seat bottom should adjust in the pitch. Seat back should…

Gifting health to the community

We actively support many nonprofit organizations in the region by donating complete health consultations. If you volunteer or work for a local charity, or know someone who does, contact us about participating in the organization’s next fundraiser.  We can provide a nice gift certificate from the Fishkin Centers, ready for presentation. We have two locations…

Fishkin Weight Loss Center

The people coming to the Fishkin Weight Loss Center have been experiencing great success meeting their weight loss goals, improving other health markers, such as blood pressure and cholesterol,  and  decreasing body pain. I’m very excited about how we can help people and would like to share this knowledge with a broader audience.  Attend a…