Chiropractic care / Plantar fasciitis

Yes, there’s help for plantar fasciitis

I’m always surprised when one of my patients mentions a problem that she, or a friend or family member, is dealing with, and I tell her that I can help and she says, ‘Who knew?!’

A good example is the very common but difficult to treat problem of plantar fasciitis, a fancy technical term for inflammation of the bottom of the feet.

Plantar fasciitis is distinguished by pain in the bottom of one or both feet after rising in the morning, sitting for a while, or standing for long periods. While not life-threatening it can be a disabling problem, especially for those who stand for hours at work or enjoy intensive exercise, such as jogging.

Often times patients undergo painful injections and even surgery to help manage this problem. I offer an effective, noninvasive answer, which in most cases I’ve treated results in significantly reducing or eliminating the pain within six treatments. Combined with some simple exercise, and in some cases prescription foot supports, which I provide in the office, makes for happier feet and a happier patient.

If you’ve suffered with plantar fasciitis, please call my office to schedule an appointment. There’s no reason to suffer the pain or painful treatments.