Chiropractic care / Ergonomics

Free Advice: office ergonomics

Here’s some advice that’ll save you years of pain and a lot of money.


  • Back should come up to middle or top of shoulder blade.
  • Seat depth should not exceed 75% of the length of the thigh.
  • Arm rests should adjust up and down.
  • Seat bottom should adjust in the pitch.
  • Seat back should have a locking and/or rocking tilt feature.
  • Adjustable chair height.

Computer station

  • Key board tray with slide out tray for left or right mouse.
  • Gel wrist rests.
  • Stationary mouse w/ track ball.
  • Screen directly in front, not at an angle, and at eye or below eye level.
  • Feet flat on the ground, or on a foot rest.
  • Document holder attachment for screen.
  • Ergonomically designed key board.
  • Annual eye exam.

Things To Avoid

  • Tucking feet under chair.
  • Keeping arms outstretched and unsupported.

 Things To Consider

  • Voice recognition software, if you read/write a lot.
  • Sit/stand work station, fixed or wheeled.
  • External key board and mouse for laptops.
  • Headset or ear piece for phone.
  • Nynamis stability disc to reduce trauma to lower back.